• Adf.ly Problems

    † Application »

    Solve the "Error direct link", between adf.ly to Mediafire..


  • File that you Need Cheat Engine

    First Step that you all to do...
    Log in into your character..

    » open your CE

    » open RF_Online.bin
    » Set Value Type into Text
    » Scan your nickname, after found several address, browse each address
    » Browse each address that founded, and try to find A2 E9 and the address under these A2 E9 are moving
    » Add A2 & E9 into your address list by right click on it,then a small windows should be shown..
      change Type into 2 bytes
    » Now you got 2 address, check both of them & change = into +
    » Click New Scan
    » Now scan your weapons name (Ex: Dragon Breath Donate)
    » Browse each address that found, & then find address that shown 6A 08
    » add both of that to the list,» Type 2 bytes
    » after added 6A 08 to the list, now change them to 00 00 by clicking on it.
    » Now you got 2 more address, check both of them & change = into +
    » Thats all, happy hunting.. ^_^

    If you want more details with screenshot,you can download the file » here «

    Note: Don't show off against other race. Better to ask a friend or make a party to raid together.
    Special Thanks to all of my friends..


    Aswienz Kallongvbs said...

    Translate ke bahasa ind0nesia pliz . .

    Einoct said...

    Pake google translate lah..

    Einoct said...

    Klo pengen jelasnya download SSnya aja..
    ada noh diatas linknya..

    †dNaNd† said...

    wah c om udah share.. hehehehe

    Anonymous said...

    tambahin edit sige, dll jd lbh mantab *_*

    Einoct said...

    ®†dNaNd† : oke, good luck..play safe aja..
    ®Anonymous : oke gan, ntar ane tambahin..ditunggu aja..

    †dNaNd† said...

    Om.. Gara2 ini,char ane di ciduk.. ahahhaha.. tp udah lepas ntr siang.. >,..,<
    Ane gak kapok,cm skrg lbih safety aja.. >,<

    Einoct said...

    ®†dNaNd† : ah gpp,kna ciduk skali aja,,, klo pengen aman, pake spasi aja nyerangnya..jd klo ada bangsa laen tinggal tahan spasi aja..jd pencet² spasi aja klo mo maen aman,,,

    Anonymous said...

    bos bos....enek cara dupe ra?

    Einoct said...

    ®Anonymous : ora ngerti bos...

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