• Adf.ly Problems

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    Solve the "Error direct link", between adf.ly to Mediafire..


  • You'll get more deff... lol...
    1. First what you need to do :

    2. Now you got what you need
     3. Now go to NPC
     4. Sell your knife first then your shield, look like this pict.
     5. Now pull back your knife from NPC that you put on vendors invent. to yours.
     6. Then sell back your knife.
     7. Take back your shield from NPC that you put on vendors invent. to yours.
     8. Now sell back your shield.
     9. Now use your secondary shield by right click on 2nd shield.
     10. then pull back your 2nd shield to your bag,by left click on it to your bag.
     11. Now use your dual handed weapon.
     12. All done. Now move backward, you'll see like this pict.
    If you want more details or complete picts,
    Download » here «

    Good Luck..
    Please comment, if you need help..


    anakpakbudi said...

    ini CS ap bisa di lihat sm yg laen? kyk bug sige gt kan, kdg2 bs diliat sm orang ?_?
    asuuh ga ad "anonymus" ._.

    Einoct said...

    CS (client side)?
    bug ini cuma bisa dilihat sama kita aja(player)..
    mantep klo buat job Punisher..
    bsa deff++

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