• Adf.ly Problems

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    Solve the "Error direct link", between adf.ly to Mediafire..


  • First you need is Cheat Engine..
    after you get C.E (Cheat Engine), go log into your RF account..

    1. Open C.E
    2. add RF_Online.bin
    3. Scan your Nickname (IGN),
    4. find the value that shown on screenshot i've uploaded..
    5. if you done with your nick, now go click new scan and scan your weapon
        Saint Granade Launcher [Rare B]
    6. find the address that shown on screenshot i've uploaded..
    7. just follow the instruction on screenshot..
    8. get that Screenshot » here «

    Ok done,
    Good Luck ^_^

    NB : i'm not responsibility if you got banned xD. I just shared what i've got.


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