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  • New adventures of Angry Bird to get back all of their eegs in the space..

    Revamped Gameplay
    The gameplay in Angry Birds Space has been significantly revamped from its predecessors. As the name suggests, the Birds are now battling the pigs in space, adding new elements to gameplay, such as gravity, and the absence of it.

    Zero gravity adds a nice mix to Angry Birds gameplay, as you will never be sure of the direction your bird will take after its impact with the target. There is also the addition of moons/planets with their own gravitational pull, which adds new physics elements and some brain scratching puzzles. It is fun to watch the birds circle a small planet a couple of times before making contact with the desired target. When the number of gravity enabled planets increases from one to two, the excitement of watching the birds go round in various ways is thrilling.

    The addition of zero gravity and the gravity-enabled planets is a great refreshment from the simple slingshot experience of the past iterations of Angry Birds.

    The Angry Birds Receive a Makeover
    It’s not only the levels that have been redesigned for space. The Angry Birds themselves have been rehashed, and been made “cooler” for outer space. The simple Red Bird now has a pair of space age goggles that would give Geordi La Forge (the dude from Star Trek: The Next Generation with the funky glasses) a run for his money.

    Another noteworthy makeover to Angry Birds is the yellow triangle bird that picks up speed like a rocket when the screen is tapped. For starters, the colour has been changed to jazzy purple and now the direction in which the bird zooms can be selected by simply tapping the location on screen..

    Similarly the exploding bird of Angry Birds along with the one that splits into three too have received a makeover in terms of their looks. There is also an addition of a new bird in Angry Birds Space. This bird is a square ice-coloured bird that freezes its surroundings on impact.

    The addition of the “new bird” along with the “outer space” environment has really refreshed the Angry Birds gameplay.

    How to :
    ° Just extract the file game
    ° then play the game

    ° Click "Active Full Game!"

    ° Insert the key / serial number (just fill up the key whatever you like)

    ° Registration SUCCEEDED!
    ° Enjoy the Zero Gravity

    Angry Bird Space + Patch
    32.62 Mb

    Patch Only
    198.06 Kb


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